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White Peony "Bai Mu Dan“

$31.00 | 30g
  • Type: White tea 
  • Origin: Zhenghe county, Fujian Province, China 
  • Altitude: 800m
  • Cultivar: Zhenghe Da Bai
  • Flavours: fresh bamboo / dandelion flower / hay
  • Light body 

Our White Peony was produced in northern Fujian in Zhenghe county, made of one small bud and two young leaves picked in early spring. It is a mellow white tea with a sweet vegetal note and light fruitiness.

White tea is the least processed tea of the six types. After harvest, the leaves are spread out over bamboo racks and withered outside or inside depending on the weather conditions ranging from several hours to days and then sorted. Our Bai Mu Dan was air-dried for 24 hours in indirect sunlight resulting in a soft, vegetal, and fresh aroma.


White Peony "Bai Mu Dan“