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700 ml Kinto glass teapot

  • Quantity: 1 x Teapot with lid
  • Colour: Transparent with stainless steel lid
  • Size: 700ml
  • Features: Thermal, dishwasher safe glass, stainless steel, thermal-safe plastic mesh, silicone seal ring (removable and washable).

Kinto One-touch teapot is made of high-quality heat resistant glass, with a strainer integrated into the lid of a 700ml size.

Kinto's Cast glassware range is characterised by a simple design and poised beauty. This wide range has been created with an "un-interfering design" in mind so that these glass products are easy to handle and wash. Japanese homewares company Kinto have been designing and producing smart, design-driven products since 1972.

700 ml Kinto glass teapot