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Jingak-Guksa Tea Cup

  • From: Carlton North, Melbourne 
  • Material: Stoneware fine white clay 
  • Measures approximately 6 cm wide x 6cm high - 55 to 60 ml 

Minhi Park is a Korean potter living in Melbourne, Minhi’s entry into the world of teaware making also happens to be the beginning of Yugen’s. 

Minhi has a deep admiration and great affection for Korea’s history, tradition, and cultures, deeply influenced by the surrounding of her childhood.

“I am especially fascinated by natural line, imperfection, and naive forms that can be found in old Korean cultures such as heritage buildings, monuments, crafts, or even ordinary old items that were used for the necessities of life in the old days. I also like the shapes of Hangeul (Korean alphabet), old songs and poems. Therefore, I often try to put my affection and respect for those traditions in my pots. Sometimes I remake the existing forms; sometimes, I write poems on the pots. Sharing my work with people is my way to appreciate my culture and connect me to other cultures” Minhi.

After multiple months of research, testing, and creating sample, Minhi created various pieces for the tea bar, such as our water cooler, cardholder, and teacup. 

The Jingak-Guksa teacup represents a true and deep relation between Minhi style, origin, and the art of tea.

Each teacup was hand-painted, with the poem of the National Preceptor Jingak Hae Shim, reminding is the connection between present and past while sipping tea. 

Each cup is handmade with stoneware fine white clay, white satin glaze and hand-painted with blue cobalt. Each cup varied slightly in size and shape and glazed. 


바위산 높고 높아 그 깊이를 알 수 없네

그 위에 높은 누각이 있어 하늘 끝에 닿았네

북두칠성으로 은하수 길어다 차를 달이는 밤

차 끓는 연기가 달의 계수나무를 감싸네

진각국사(眞覺國師) 혜심慧諶


The rock mountain is higher and higher I cannot understand how deep it is. 

There is a high castle on the mountain, It touches end of the sky.   

The night I make tea Drawn from the Milky Way with the Plough (the Big Dipper)

Steam from the boiling tea   surrounds big laurel tree on the moon.   

- National Preceptor Jingak  Hae Shim

Jingak-Guksa Tea Cup