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Kanaami-Tsuji Strainer Stainless Steel

  • Origin: Kanaami – Tsuji workshop, Kyoto, Japan
  • Material: Copper
  • Size: 

    - Small: Ø 2.5 x L 2.4 inch / Ø 6.5 x L 6 cm - $135

    - Large: Ø 3 x L 2.75 inch / Ø 7.5 x L 7 cm - $175 

Kanaami is the Kyoto-based art of wire weaving that goes back over one thousand years. Tsuji is a family-owned workshop run by a fifth-generation master weaver Kenichi Tsuji and his son Toru Tsuji. We are thrilled to collaborate in bringing these incredible items to Melbourne for the very first time.

Each strainer is hand knitting with stainless steel wire to create the shape and original chrysanthemum and tortoise patterns, not just a tea ware or accessories but a new companion to your tea journey. The strainer can also be used as an infuser for making tea in a shallow cup.

Kanaami-Tsuji Strainer Stainless Steel