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Eighty Degrees Magazine - Issue 07


Tea is infused with the passions and cultures of the world, and so is this magazine about tea. Named Eighty Degrees (a pretty good temp for brewing most teas), it’s a treasure trove of design, illustration, and incredible tea tales.


Rediscovering the old through a new lens.⁣

In this issue, we trace the origins of white tea in China. ⁣⁣

An anthropologist explains what ‘quality’ means and what we should consider during tea valuations.⁣

We go back in time to learn about the inception of the speciality tea culture in Central Europe.⁣

What is the origin of Earl Grey tea? We investigate the facts of this famous blend.⁣

Why does mass-produced tea cost so little? We talk about the working conditions and human rights behind the tea label.⁣

Iran, Japan, USA. We perform with special Sichuanese kettles, taste a unique tea creation in Oregon, and look at some of the false claims of tea marketing. ⁣

All this and much more on 144 pages of beautiful, uncoated paper.⁣

Eighty Degrees Magazine - Issue 07