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Bird's Song "Karigane"

$24.00 | 50g
  • Origin: Kagoshima prefecture, Japan  
  • Cultivar: Blend 
  • Flavours: Roasted seaweed / creamy macadamia / green note
  • Medium body 

Bird's song was grown and produced in the Kagoshima prefecture. Kagoshima is the southern region on Kyushu Island and benefits from a subtropical climate and volcanic soil making it the perfect environment to grow and produce tea.

Our Karigane was produced from a blend of veins and stems from different gardens across the region creating a fresh and umami liquor. Karigane is a type of Kukicha made of Gyokuro material, resulting in a sweeter and more complex tea.

The stems, veins and leaves were roasted separately and steamed at a medium heat to add a beautiful nutty aroma. The leaves and veins were then roasted at a lower temperature to protect the sweet umami taste and marine note.

Too often Karigane is misjudged as a lower quality green tea, however we personally find this tea as a very good, everyday little pleasure and a nice introduction to the complex and vast world of Japanese green tea.


Bird's Song "Karigane"