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Amber Oolong "Tsui Yu"

$28.00 | 50g
  • Type: Oolong
  • Origin:  Shan Lin Si district  
  • Cultivar: Tsui Yu TTES #13
  • Flavours:  White grape / lilac / green asparagus
  • Medium body 

Amber oolong is a ball shaped style of oolong grown and produced in the Shan Lin Si district located in Nantou province. Our Amber Oolong is made from the Tsui Yu TTES #13 cultivars. Tsui Yu #13 is a hybrid cultivar that came to life in the 1970s after many years of research by the “Tea Research and Extension Station” (TTES).

Oolong made with Tsui Yu cultivar, also known as “King Fisher Jade”, gave the tea its seaweed, fruit and floral signature flavours. In our case the leaves were left to oxidize to a slightly higher level and then baked to the desire level. The baking process adds a toasty note to the already fruity and floral aromas, creating a subtle and well-rounded tea.


Amber Oolong "Tsui Yu"