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Tea Ware

Select from a range of tea ware made in collaboration with leading Australian ceramicists and tea products made by respected international craftspeople - all used by our tea sommes in store.

1. Kanaami-Tsuji Tea Strainer

Kanaami is the Kyoto-based art of wire weaving, said to be some six centuries old. Tsuji is the family-owned workshop run by a fifth generation master weaver and his son. We are thrilled to collaborate in brining these incredible items to Melbourne for the very first time.

Select from three sizes of tortoise or chrysanthemum style strainers in copper or stainless steel, each one hand made following ancient practises and finished with Japanese rosewood.


2. Eighty Degrees Magazine

Tea is infused with the passions and cultures of the world and so is this magazine about tea. Named Eighty Degrees (a pretty good temp for brewing most teas) it’s a treasure trove of design, illustration, and incredible tea tales.

Highlighting the art of food and tea pairing, the political history of tea, and the irreparable differences between tea people and coffee people, this is a publication for true tea connoisseurs.


3. Minna Graham

Minna is an award-winning Melbourne ceramicist and Yugen Tea collaborator. Working out of her studio in Daylesford, she is one of a select few artisans in Australia with an interest in functional, artistic tea ware. 

Our range of collaborative pieces are hand-thrown and fired by Minna with a tea-first mentality. They’re also super beautiful, don’t you think?


4. Kinto

There is beauty in every movement you make, especially when those movements are related to drinking tea. Kinto believes in slowing down enough to enjoy the entire process.

Modern Japanese design created for comfort. Elegant yet simple and unassuming.


5. Minhi Park

A Korean potter living in Melbourne, Minhi’s entry into the world of tea ware also happens to be the beginning of Yugen’s collaboration with her. Simple and striking, Minhi’s tea ware is hand-thrown and painted at her home studio in Carlton. Here is the poem on her teacups translated into English:

The rock mountain is higher and higher, 
I cannot understand how deep it is.
There is a high castle on the mountain,
It touches the end of the sky.
The night I make tea Drawn from the Milky Way with the plough,
Steam from the boiling tea surrounds big laurell tree on the moon.

- National Preceptor Jingak Hae Shim


6. Jingdezhen Gaiwan & Cups

Gaiwan is the Chinese bowl used for infusing tea. It’s an old way of brewing (Ming Dynasty for those keeping score) and comes without modern trimmings like handles, but with a delicate lid and a saucer. We think it’s the boss of tea accoutrement.

Jingdezhen has long been known as the world’s capital of porcelain production, so where better to have Yugen Tea’s signature tea cups and gaiwan crafted.

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