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Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of Yugen Tea Bar with a gift voucher of your choice. Select between two signature tea and pastry experiences or let the lucky recipient decide for themself. 


1. CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE: A universe of choice. Available for any dollar value and redeemable across our day, night, and retail offering. The perfect gift for the tricky-to-pick-for tea lover.

2. YUGEN TEA TASTING: Send someone special on an iconic tea journey. They’ll choose between a deep dive into Oolong, a voyage through Japanese tea, or the epic tale of Robert Fortune, Britain’s 19th century tea spy, each with accompanying Yugen pastries.

3. YUGEN CHAMPAGNE TEA: A tea service with multiple twists and turns as our tea sommeliers and pastry artists craft a Yugen moment to remember. Refined yet relaxed, this is not your grandmother’s afternoon tea.

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