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Yugen Tea Flight

Yugen Tea Flight

Yugen Tea Bar offers some of the world's finest loose leaf teas and their stories, curated with inquisitiveness and respect. For the more inquisitive we offer guided tea tastings changing seasonally, each one pulling at a different thread.

Summer 2021/2022

 Oolong tea flight

Oolong is a semi-oxidised type of tea, between green and black, with a wide range of flavour profiles from vegetal, toasty or fruity. This flight focuses on showcasing four different styles of oolong grown and produced in 4 renowned areas of China.

Japanese tea flight

An introduction to the world of Japanese tea and flavour profiles, brewing four different Japanese teas from three different origins – Shizuoka, Kagoshima & Uji.

Robert Fortune tea flight

Follow the road of the British Botanist / Spy – Robert Fortune sent to China to discover the secret of tea processing. We will take you on a journey between England, China and India tasting green, oolong and red (black) tea.

Each tasting includes 4 different teas to taste, tea illustration design by Melbourne based artist Johanna Hu and a tea sample to brew at home.

Posted on March 10, '21

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