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International Tea Day

International Tea Day

International Tea Day

In celebration of International Tea Day, Yugen Tea Bar is hosting a collection of workshops that explore the world’s most-consumed drink (after water). But one day just isn't enough to showcase this incredible beverage so we will be celebrating the culture of tea all week long. From Wednesday the 18th to Saturday the 21st of May, we will be hosting four unique events to raise awareness and showcase how tea can be consumed and paired in your everyday life. Not just your morning cuppa.  


Tea 101 - Wednesday 18th of May 

Join Yugen Tea Bar’s sommelier team, Thibaut Chuzeville, Kaishan Mellis and Soo Chung for an introduction into the world of tea. The immersive and informative experience of Tea 101 will provide you with all the tools you’ll need to begin your journey into a passionate world of tea. 

During the 90-minute session we will explore the origin of Camellia Sinensis, the main producing countries, the different types of tea (green, white, oolong, red and dark), and the varying processing methods.

Your tasting experience will consist of six different single-origin teas from five countries. Over the course of the session our pastry team will serve sweet bites crafted to complement the tea being tasted, and each guest will be offered three tea samples to continue their tea journey at home.


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Tea and Cheese Pairing - Thursday 19th of May 

A night of divine cheeses, perfectly paired teas and an exploration into what makes them so amazing.  In partnership with Maker and Monger we will discover the complexity and beauty of the love affair between tea and cheese. ⁠

Discovering the origin, terroir and makers of each cheese and the processing method, origin and stories behind the teas will allow us to appreciate their combination even more. Taste the complexity of each product and how each pairing creates a beautiful complementarity between the cheese and tea, a dance of texture, flavours, and mouthfeel. 

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Tea and Sake Pairing - Friday 20th of May 

What a better way to bridge the weekday and the weekend than through an in-depth pairing of tea and sake  We have decided to combine two of Yugen Tea Bar’s favourite beverages, tea & sake. 

Discover the combination of loose leaf tea and crafted sake as we discuss the processing method, origin and flavours of both. Serving four different sake and teas at varying temperatures and vessel we explore how each factor will influence your tasting and experience. Workshop organised in collaboration with the sake specialist Simone Maynard. 

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Tea & Food Pairing Evening - Saturday 21th of May 

A dream collaboration to complete the week of tea celebrations. The minds of Yugen Tea Bar, Yugen dining and Animus Distillery come together to create the ultimate evening experience. Indulge in our unique 6-course meal courtesy of the talented Alex Yu, Head Chef of the soon-launching Yugen Dining. Enjoy your meal with tea pairings courtesy of Yugen Tea Bar’s Head Tea Sommelier, Thibaut Chuzeville or cocktail pairings tailored by Animus Distillery created with Tea Gin.

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Posted on April 29, '22

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